Another Year In The Books!

FNUA is a group of volunteer umpires dedicated to the never-ending pursuit of becoming the best umpires we can be, and who's top priority is to insure that every Major Division, Junior Division, Senior Division and Big League game for Folsom National Little League has well trained umpires in order for players to enjoy the game to it's fullest capacity. We think those goals were accomplished in 2011 and we're already looking forward to planning for the 2012 season.

There's still plenty of baseball this year though. District level all-stars are just wrapping up then it's on to Section and Division umpire assignments, and for one very fortunate FNUA umpire, the honor of being selected to umpire the Big League Western Region All-Star Tournament in Silverdale Washington from July 16-23. A daily update can be found on this website as Tournament Season continues to unfold.

FNUA has also worked very closely with Folsom National Little League to recruit, train, support and schedule its growing Junior Umpire program. Both FNUA umpires and the FNLL Junior Umpires are recognized District wide as leaders in umpiring for District 54 of Little League Baseball. 

This site is available for anyone to visit, and should be used as a resource for all FNUA umpires throughout the season. Lets Play Ball!!!  



FNUA…Year 3...


What a year for FNUA. We continue to grow and not only cover Folsom National Little League games, but many FN umpires are now umpiring at the high school level, as well as providing training  to new umpires in several different formats throughout the year.  For the third year in a row, FN umpires have worked a huge number of games for District 54 TOC and All-Star games. Here's a brief outline of what we think has helped create the best umpire program in our area:

  • The FN Umpire Association holds a meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, 7:00 PM at Round Table Pizza on Riley. Although these meetings will be voluntary to attend, our goal will be to have a high and consistent attendance each month to help further our collective cause.
  • These meetings will be for the purpose of training, teaching, and discussing the environment that an umpire must operate in. We'll talk rules, situations, field mechanics, and general baseball umpiring topics, all for the purpose of familiarizing everyone with how to navigate successfully through a baseball game comfortably. And we'll have a good time. We'll line up special guest speakers from time to time to talk with our group about different aspects of umpiring.
  • We'll try to schedule one weekend day per quarter for an on-the-field umpire clinic to put the things we discuss and learn each month into practice in a live situation. The clinics will also be voluntary, but again we hope to have a high attendance percentage so we can all improve.

The FN Umpire Association is proud to still be growing and thriving in 2011.  It's a combination of interested and devoted volunteers having a great time providing a very much needed volunteer service in our community. Thanks to everyone in FNUA that has made this venture such a big success!

Dave Gwiazdon

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